Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings (180g) (4LP)

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Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings

(180g) (4LP)

Format: LP Vinyl
Label: Atlantic Catalog Group  
Catalog No: 75627
Barcode: 0603497854196
Genre: R&B/Soul 
No of Discs: 4
Release Date: 3/22/2019
The complete recordings that produced Aretha's 1972 landmark gospel album
Live performances pressed on 180 gram 4LP vinyl for the first time

Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Rated 154/500

On LP for the first time, Amazing Grace is the biggest selling release of Aretha’s 50+ year career and the bestselling gospel album of all time.

The best-selling Gospel masterpiece album took Franklin back to her roots in the church.

This collection contains gospel tunes performed by Aretha Franklin at Los Angeles' New Temple Baptist Missionary Church on January 13 & 14, 1972.

"Franklin’s voice has a previously unheard vulnerability to it on Amazing Grace. She does not speak after being introduced by her mentor, Reverend James Cleveland, the former minister of music for her dad’s parish, who directed the album’s choir. When she does finally opens her mouth for a reworking of Marvin Gaye’s “Wholy Holy,” she does not hold back; you can hear the gasps. Franklin raises her voice as she declares, “People, we’ve got to come together. Because we need the strength the power, all the feeling.” The crowd – which included Mick Jagger and Franklin’s hero Clara Ward –goes nuts, realizing the moment they’re settling into." -, August 22, 2018

• 180 Gram 4LP Vinyl Set
• Special Deluxe Gatefold Jacket Packaging
Track Listing:
Side A:
1. On Our Way (1/13/72 Opening remarks version)
2. Opening Remarks (by Reverend C.L. Franklin - 1/13/72)
3. On Our Way (1/13/72 version)
4. Aretha's Introduction (1/13/72 Thursday night version)
5. Wholy Holy (1/13/72 version)
6. You'll Never Walk Alone
Side B:
7. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
8. Precious Memories
9. How I Got Over
Side C:
1. Medley: Precious Lord, Take My Hand / You've Got A Friend
2. Climbing Higher Mountains
3. Give Yourself To Jesus
Side D:
4. Amazing Grace
5. My Sweet Lord (1/13/72 instrumental version)
Side E:
1. On Our Way (1/14/72 opening remarks version)
2. On Our Way (1/14/72 version)
3. Aretha's Introduction (1/14/72 Friday night version)
4. What A Friend We Have In Jesus (1/14/72 performance)
5. Wholy Holy
Side F:
6. Climbing Higher Mountains (1/14/72 version)
7. God Will Take Care Of You
8. Old Landmark - Aretha Franklin with James Cleveland & The Southern California Community
Side G:
1. Mary, Don't You Weep
2. Never Grow Old
Side H:
3. Remarks by Reverend C.L. Franklin
4. Precious Memories
5. My Sweet Lord (1/14/72 instrumental version)