45 RPM 7 inch Vinyl Record - Tabbed White Plastic Dividers

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Record Dividers for 7" 45 RPM Vinyl Record Collections

Tabbed White Plastic Dividers

White 30pt Record Dividers - with write-on index tabs.

A great way for dividing and organizing your collection.

Perfect for 45 RPM record storage boxes.

- Precision cut to size

- Write-on index tab

- BLANK tabs

- Archival quality

Material: Archival Quality Polyethylene Plastic

Color: White

Exterior Dimensions: 7.50" inches x 8" inches

Tab Length: 3.25" inches

Lip Height: .50" inches


Quantities Available:

25 Count - $22.99

15 Count - $14.99



Note: These dividers are shipped without labels or writing on tabs...i.e. the dividers are blank.


Storage boxes and records not included.

Hi-Fi equipment/components and records pictured in listing(s) not included.