Chicago - Born For This Moment (2LP)

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    Chicago - Born For This Moment (2LP)
      Chicago's 2022 Album on Double LP

        Born for This Moment captures the true heart of Chicago at their full creative capacity. From the undeniable swing of the lead single, "If This Is Goodbye," to the unbreakable bonds of "For the Love," to the deeply personal storytelling of "Safe Harbours," the patriarchal aspirations of "Make a Man Outta Me," the romantic reveries of "If This Isn't Love," and the sultry flare of "Firecracker," it's quite clear the collective force of nature that is Chicago is indeed alive and well...and flourishing better than ever, right here in the first quarter of the 21st century. Over the entire course of 14 vibrant new songs, Born for This Moment (a.k.a. Chicago XXXVIII) encapsulates the scope and breadth of all the compositional and performance-propelled strengths at the ready in Chicago's seemingly endless arsenal of musical acumen.
        The album's aforementioned lead single, "If This Is Goodbye," which has already become an integral, fan-favorite entry on the Chicago setlist, shows the band's mutlifaceted chops remain on full display. As original bandmember, trumpeter, flugelhornist, and songwriter Lee Loughnane puts it, "One of the big reasons this album works so well is that when you put it on and play it, you hear something you're not quite expecting to hear - and it immediately pulls you in musically and emotionally." This seamless methodology manifests itself in the DNA of all Moment songs. "One of the things I think the band has always been great at is understanding the musical content of the song has to be supportive of the emotional content of the lyric," Lamm believes. "They're very connected. To this day, Chicago is ultimately a song-driven band. It's all about the songwriting and the arranging.
        As the band enter their 55th year together full throttle, the 14 songs found on Born for This Moment only add to the aural palette that continues to define the Chicago legacy. "When people hear this record, it might be surprising to them on a lot of levels," assesses Donell. "Things have evolved in Chicago over the years, but the heart and soul of the band is still Robert's voice and his songwriting, along with Jimmy and Lee's arranging. I'm happy to say Chicago is intact, strong, and vibrant. It's because of what Jimmy, Lee, and Robert do that continues to define the great Chicago sound. And to me, Chicago music is timeless music."
        Indeed, Chicago music is both timeless and timely, at the same time. Without a doubt, Chicago's enduring musical gift is truly Born for This Moment - and for every enjoyable listening moment that follows. In short, we are all Chicago, and Chicago is us. All you gotta do is listen, because Chicago music is part of a shared, permanent connection that's only gonna keep (to borrow a song title) "Feelin' Stronger Every Day.
        Track Listing:
          1. Side A:
          1. Born for This Moment
          2. If This Is Goodbye
          3. Firecracker
          4. Someone Needed Me the Most
          5. Safer Harbours

          Side B:

          1. Our New York Time
          2. Make a Man Outta Me
          3. Crazy Idea
          4. You've Got to Believe
          5. For the Love

          Side C:

          1. She's Right
          2. House on the Hill
          3. If This Isn't Love
          4. "The Mermaid" Sereia Do Mar



        Format: LP Vinyl
        Label: BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

        Catalog No: 8117599

        Barcode: 4050538811759

        Genre: Rock

        No of Discs: 2
        Release Date: 10/21/2022
        UPC:  4050538811759