Crosscheck Turntable Level

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Help Your Turntable Sound Its Level Best

Help your turntable sound its level best. A level turntable is a must in order for the phono cartridge stylus to accurately track the record groove. The more accurate you are with your leveling, the better off you are in terms of optimizing this important turntable set-up consideration.

The Vinyl Provisions Crosscheck Turntable Level is an effective and easy to use level. It is much easier to use than a round bubble level, which can be finicky and not always precise. And most round bubble levels are pretty small, complicating leveling. The Crosscheck level is easy to see and easy to read, and it allows two axes to be checked simultaneously, making leveling a quick and simple task. The crosscheck level's compact form factor allows quick measurements to be taken.

You'll find lots of applications for the Crosscheck apart from your turntable. Use it for leveling component rack shelves, speakers, speaker stands and more...