Ebtech Hum X - Plug-Style AC Voltage Ground Loop Hum Eliminator + Cleaning Cloth

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  • Removes unwanted voltage and current in the ground line to eliminate ground-loop hum
  • Gives you a solid, safe ground, unlike devices that remove the ground altogether
  • Enables you to eschew volume- and tone-sucking filters and ground lift adapters
  • A breeze to use and install
  • Works with any device with a 3-prong outlet that doesn't draw more than 6A of power


Ground loop hum is difficult to diagnose and solve and ground lift adapters are not safe! The Hum X gets rid of low voltage that can cause ground loop hum while providing a path for higher voltages to ground. Simply place the Hum X onto the power plug of the offending gear. Never lift an AC Ground again! Easy to use, easy to install and completely effective. A great accessory to have on hand for every gig. * Exterminate Ground Hum Right at The Source! * Designed to Solve GROUND RELATED Hum and Buzz in Pro Audio and Musical * Instrument Amplifiers * Maintains Proper Ground * Simply Connect Hum X to Power Plug of Offending Gear * Suitable for use on 120V 60Hz grounded USA-style power outlets * Maximum recommended Current per Hum X is 6 Amp * Handy LED Shows Power is on and unit is Working




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