GrooveWasher Record & Stylus Care System

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GrooveWasher Record & Stylus Care System

Entry Level Combo System

Clean your records and your stylus with audiophile quality results, at an entry level price.

This kit includes:

  • Microfiber fabric covered cleaning pad. Generous size: 5" x 3.5" x 1.5". Highly absorbent and grime removing fabric. Easy to use to clean records. Easy to wash when it gets dirty.

  • G2 High Tech Record Cleaning Fluid in 4 oz Mist Spray. More than 500 mist sprays to clean a lot of records!

  • SC1 Stylus Brush. 4.6 inch long curved handle with soft, fine nylon bristles remove lint and gunk from the stylus and underside of the cartridge. The best stylus brush on the market.

  • SC1 Stylus Cleaning Fluid. Low alcohol with technical surfactants to dissolve sticky gunk from the stylus. So the SC1 Brush can remove it. A delicate method that will do no harm to the stylus or cantilever. 

  • Record label protector mask. Apply to the record label to keep it dry while mist spraying the G2 Fluid on the record. 




Hi-Fi equipment/components and records pictured in listing(s) not included.


NOTE: The photos showing the Splash Landing Record Towel are for illustration only! This Bundle does not include the towel. See the Splash Landing Record Towel listing to order.