IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck Series Acoustic Isolators (Iso-Puck, 20 lbs max/Unit, 4-Pack)

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IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck Series Acoustic Isolators

(Iso-Puck, 20 lbs max/Unit, 4-Pack)


Color: 4-Pack



  • Weight capacity: 20 lbs (9 KG) per unit. It is recommended to use 3 or 4 units under each speaker. The total weight capacity is 60 lbs when using 3 units and 80 lbs when using 4 units.
  • PATENTED ISOACOUSTICS ISOLATION: Tested at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The IsoAcoustics award winning design provides superior isolation performance.
  • EXCITING THE SUPPORTING SURFACE: The isolators manage the energy of the speaker to reduce vibrations resonating through the supporting surface to eliminate dissonant sounds in the listening area.
  • REDUCES INTERNAL REFLECTIONS: IsoAcoustics isolator reduces internal reflections to eliminate smear. The result is an improved stereo image of natural spatial sound.
  • ISO-PUCK Dimensions: 2.4” (60mm) Wide x 1.2” (31mm) Height. Package contains: 4 x ISO-Puck.


Details: IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCKs provide an innovative approach to isolating studio monitors, speakers and subwoofers. The unique patented design provides a high degree of isolation while resisting lateral movement and oscillations, which results in greater sound clarity and focus. The ISO-Puck has a weight capacity of 20 lbs (9 kg) per unit. The ISO-Puck can isolate a speaker that is 60 lbs when using 3 units, or up to 80 lbs using 4 units. The ISO-PUCK upper flange “suction cup” design adheres to the underside of the cabinet making the upper isolator live with the speaker, while the lower isolator anchors to the supporting surface. All the energy is managed within the core of the ISO-PUCK isolators which are carefully tuned to provide superior isolation and control while remaining on-axis. The low-profile design makes the ISO-PUCK series the ideal solution on meter bridges, floor stands, consoles, desktops, millwork, or soffit mounted. These isolators decouple studio monitors and speakers from the supporting surface to eliminate the transfer of energy and the resulting sound smearing and coloration. Even placement on the most solid surfaces will greatly benefit as the internal reflections coming back up from the supporting surface are attenuated to eliminate the smear and provide greater sound clarity and open up the stereo image. The small, compact design makes the ISO-PUCK series the ideal speaker isolation solution to carry with you from studio to studio, session to session or anywhere you want to improve the sound clarity and provide consistent results from one location to the next for your studio monitors or speakers. If more height or tilt is required, please see IsoAcoustics ISO-Stand Series and Aperta Series of isolation stands.

model number: Iso-PuckK1





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