PS Audio Sprout100 - Integrated Amplifier

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Sprout100 – An Integrated Amplifier for the Modern Home Sprout100 is a simple, elegant source of music for those who want quality sound without the hassles. 

Complete HiFi DAC Amp, High Resolution High Fidelity Audio for Digital, Analog, Vinyl, and Bluetooth (Real Walnut)


  • THE GATEWAY DEVICE TO A LIFE OF AUDIO NIRVANA. - Sprout delivers an elevated listening experience that gets you closer to the music you love. Just plug your speakers in and go!
  • GIVES DIGITAL AUDIO A LIVE FEEL – Built inside Sprout100 is a highly sophisticated Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) capable of decoding Sample Rates up to 384KHz/24-Bit or DSD64/128 (DoP). ESS Saber 9016 provides bit-perfect playback for your high-rez computer audio, video, and gaming applications. Digital inputs: USB-B good for all computer audio, Optical (Toslink) good for all flat-screens, gaming consoles, and CD players.
  • PLAYS YOUR VINYL – Inside Sprout100 lies a world-class phono stage ready to bring your favorite vinyl to life. Optimized for moving-magnet cartridges, PS Audio incorporated a JFET input stage to lower noise and increase headroom.
  • STREAMS FROM YOUR PHONE – Playback via Bluetooth for digital streaming allows easy access to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, TuneIn Radio, YouTube, and more.




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