Reisong A10 EL34 Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Tube Amplifier

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Details: Point to Point hand welding, preferred audiophiles, output transformer switch to the 76x40 higher end output transformer.
Please pay attention before buying!! Nice sound but LOWER POWER.If you like high power or your speakers do not match, it may cause sound distortion.

Output Power: 6W * 2 (Ultra-linear).
Frequency response: 20Hz - 28KHz.
Output Impedance: 4,8Ω.
Total harmonic distortion: ≤ 1% (1kHz).
SNR: 88dB.
Voltage amplification: 6N2J × 2.
Power output tube: EL34 × 2.
Rectifier tube: 5Z4PJ × 1.
Input sensitivity: 750MV.
Input impedance: 100KΩ (2 groups input)
Dimensions (W × D × H): 310 × 268 × 165mm.
Power Supply Voltage: AC 110V - 120V / 50Hz-60Hz (For United States)
Power consumption: 78 watts

Power Transformers: new imported 0.35, stack thickness 50MM (96-50).
Output transformer core: new imported 0.35 (76*40upgrade version).
Chassis: imported mirror stainless steel chassis.
Corners aluminum column: high-grade aluminum CNC machining, diamond knife speed car system.
Output Block: High-grade export base, with a transparent cover.
6N2J pre-voltage amplification.
EL34 as power output.
Potting type output transformer, to ensure the stability and reliability of the output transformer, especially in the southern humid places, have a more reliable performance.
Output transformer with a new imported 0.35 core manufacturing, high-purity copper wire package enameled, layered segmentation, string and connection method, divided into three clips two around the system,
Output transformer transformer housing with high-grade stretch hood. High temperature paint surface treatment, bright pattern processes. Nissan ALPS potentiometer.



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