Schiit Midgard Headphone Amp and Preamp with Balanced and Single-Ended Inputs and Outputs

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Brand: Schiit

Color: Black


  • With its Halo topology mixed-mode feedback, Midgard boasts exceptional performance and near state-of-the-art measurements.
  • Delivers nearly 5W into 32 ohms through either the 1/4" TRS or the 4-pin XLR connectors on the front for your headphones.
  • Midgard isn’t just a headphone amp. It also has balanced and single-ended preamp outputs.
  • It also features both balanced and single-ended inputs. And two gain levels.
  • Designed and built in TX, USA. 115VAC only. USA Plug. Suitable for use in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Will not work in 220 – 240V countries.

Details: Midgard is simply the best measuring, highest power discrete headphone amp we’ve ever made. But that’s not all. Midgard’s new Halo topology also offers the potential for higher performance where it matters—at your ears.
Introducing Halo: Breakthrough or Illusion?
Halo is a mixed-mode feedback topology that incorporates your headphone driver into the feedback loop, offering the potential for better control at driver resonance and improved acoustic results. However, since confirming that would require years of research and still have everyone arguing about it, we decided to do something crazy: introduce this amp at a great price and let you decide.
Try For Yourself
Want to try Halo? Plug in to the front panel XLR. Compare to the front panel TRS, which doesn’t have Halo, because Halo requires separate ground returns. See what you think.
A Great Headphone Amp, Period
Halo or no, Midgard is completely over the top in terms of value and performance. It delivers nearly 5W into 32 ohms through either the ¼” TRS or 4-pin XLR connectors with near state-of-the-art measurements. It’s quiet enough for super-sensitive headphones. It has smart protection to safeguard your headphones (and itself). And it has a top-of-class Alps RK27 volume pot for smooth control and fantastic tracking. Aaaaand it’s made in Texas.
Flexibility for Your Entire Desktop
Midgard isn’t just a headphone amp. It also has balanced and single-ended preamp outputs, so you can connect to powered monitors for a complete system. It also has both balanced and single-ended inputs, and two gain levels. And all these connections use best-in-class connectors, together with signal switches, for ultimate integrity and reliability.