Schiit SYS Volume Control and 2-Input Switch

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  • It's just a 2-way switch and a volume knob. That's all.
  • Works with pretty much any line-level source.
  • It's a 2-input passive preamp that adds no distortion, and gives you complete volume control.
  • Designed and assembled in the USA from high quality components.
  • For those times when you want to switch sources without unhooking one and rehooking up another. Hook them both up to SYS and have full control over which one you're listening to and at what volume.


Details: SYS is a simple, 2-input passive preamp. No electronics. No power. No distortion. Just a 2-way switch and a potentiometer.Huh? Why would you want such a thing? Well, if you've ever wanted to use one of our DACs with powered monitors, SYS puts the volume control right at hand. Same goes for using two sources with one of our headphone amps—use SYS to switch between a DAC and a phono preamp, for example. And, you don't have to use SYS with our gear at all. It's a simple, high-quality, passive preamp that works with pretty much any line-level source.Designed and Assembled in USA By “designed and assembled in USA" this is what we mean: the vast majority of the total production cost of SYS—chassis, boards, assembly, etc—goes to US companies manufacturing in the US. Our chassis are made minutes from our facility. Our PCBs are done just over the hill from us, or done in NorCal. You get the picture.2-Year Warranty SYS is covered by a limited warranty that covers parts and labor for two years. That’s 2x the warranty of most of the products in this price range.