Schiit Vali 2++ Tube Hybrid Headphone Amp and Preamp (Silver)

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  • Vali 2++ is the most affordable and versatile tube hybrid amp on the planet. Enjoy lovely tube sound without tons of noise.
  • Vali 2++ delivers plenty of power for hard-to-drive headphones—and also provides the low noise you need for sensitive cans.
  • You only need a single tube, so tube rolling Vali 2++ is easy and more affordable.
  • All your needs are covered with preamp outputs for your powered monitors or speaker power amp.
  • Product is supplied with a 110–120V US power supply suitable for use in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This power supply will not work in 220–240V countries.
  • Vali 2+ is built in Texas, USA.