Binding Post Banana Jacks to Lead Wire Adapter Set (available in 4 ct or 8 ct pack sets)

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Binding Post Banana Jacks to Lead Wire Adapter Sets
(4 ct or 8 ct pack sets)
Perfect for vintage amps or speakers

Great for vintage speakers that do not accept banana plugs
Available in 4 pack sets (2 Red and 2 Black) or 8 pack sets (4 Red and 4 Black)
  • Each binding post has a 3" "pig tail" for flexibility.
  • Gold plated binding post will accept: Banana Jacks, Bare Wire, Pin Connectors or Spade Connectors.
  • Gold plated binding posts accepts modern banana jacks, pin connectors, bare wire up to gauge 12, or spade connectors.
  • Perfect for Spring Terminals, DIY Audio, Test Bench, and Challenging Places!

NOTE: Compatibility is buyer's responsibility: Please make sure that this item is compatible with your hardware/equipment. We will not honor returns pertaining to incompatibility and/or misuse.

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