Tall Record Dividers 33RPM LP Vinyl Record Album White Dividers 15 | 20 | 25

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Tall White Record Dividers 33RPM LP Vinyl Record Album Dividers

Featuring a 1 1/2" tall full-width header
These dividers  for LP vinyl records are made from 30-point, white, high-density, archival quality polyethylene plastic and feature a 1 ½" tall, full-width header. Dividers can be positioned with the header on top when records are in record boxes, crates, or bins, or dividers can be turned with the header on the side to help organize LP vinyl records on shelves.  

A great way to show off and organize your LPs by band or genre and are easily visible above the tops of your albums!

Available quantities: 15, 20, or 25 packs

15 Count - $26.99

20 Count - $34.99
25 Count - $38.99




Note: Dividers are shipped without labels or writing...i.e. the dividers are blank.

Hi-Fi equipment/components and records pictured in listing(s) not included.