Technics Turntable - SL 100C Black (SL-100C-K)

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The Technics SL-100C Premium Class Turntable System lets you enjoy incredibly smooth, stable audio with the latest coreless direct drive brushless DC motor. Using technologies acquired through the development of the SL-1200 Series and the Reference Class flagship SL-1000R, the SL-100C provides a high level of rotational accuracy and speed stability for optimal reproduction. Designed with Technics turntables signature static-balanced universal S-shape tonearm, with a pre-installed Audio-Technica AT-VM95C cartridge for easy set-up and immediate vinyl playback. Auto Lifter function raises the cartridge at the end of the record to prevent unnecessary wear on your valuable vinyl records and stylus. The SL-100C vinyl record player has a sleek, elegant, minimalist visual design built with the highest quality materials - a hallmark of the Technics tradition.



  • Enter the Real Vinyl Culture with Technics Premium Class Turntable: Featuring iconic characteristics of Technics legendary turntables the SL-100C Turntable uses a single-rotor coreless direct drive brushless DC motor for smooth, stable playback
  • Accurately Reads Your Records: The high-sensitivity aluminum S-shape tonearm reads every signal stored in record grooves, for optimal tracking and sound
  • Audiophile-Grade Cartridge: A pre-installed Audio-Technica cartridge provides high fidelity with minimal setup; tonearm height adjusts easily within a range of 6 mm, enabling the use of other phono cartridges for easy upgrades
  • Auto-Lifter Reduces Wear on Records & Stylus: At the end of a record, the Auto Lifter raises the cartridge; the simple design doesn’t use motor power which eliminates electrical or vibrational impact to help preserve vinyl records from stylus wear
  • Functional and Beautiful: A vinyl player with a sleek, minimalist design and elegant, high-quality operation provide an excellent listening experience


Technics Model #: SL-100C-K




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