Tom Waits - Blood Money (Metallic Silver Vinyl) (180g) (LP)

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Tom Waits - Blood Money (Metallic Silver Vinyl)

(180g) (LP)

Format: LP Vinyl

    Label: ANTI
      Catalog No: ATI86629MSI.1
        Barcode: 0045778662944
          Genre: Rock
            No of Discs: 1
              Release Date: 10/7/2022


                20th Anniversary Limited Edition 180g Metallic Silver Vinyl LP


                Blood Money uses the same template and players as Alice (released at the same time) and first saw life as an opera production by Robert Wilson. It's Waits' treatment of Georg Buchner's 1837 socio-political play, Woyzek, which premiered in 2000 in Copenhagen. It's a dark morality play performed in a style where a barker from a medicine show is mysteriously transported to the Weimar Republic via Tin Pan Alley.

                Disturbing and delirious when it's not romantic and hilarious, the songs have a much more direct emotional appeal than the surrealistic Alice.

                20th Anniversary Edition pressed on 180-gram metallic silver vinyl

                In all, Blood Money, like its sister, Alice, is a record steeped in musical and lyrical traditions barely remembered by popular culture and hence very rarely evoked (from carnival marches to tarantellas, primitive tangos, and early 20th century jazz). This isn't the other side of Tin Pan Alley, but an appreciation for and evocation of the music of the Weimar Republic with its easy pathos and often grotesque funhouse humor. That said, this appreciation does not make for a re-creation; Waits' music is his own from this particular place in time, but it illustrates and illuminates particular kinds of human foibles from the present era and celebrates them as human nonetheless.

                -Thom Jurek,, 4/5 stars  



                • 20th Anniversary Limited Edition
                • 180g Vinyl
                • Metallic Silver Vinyl
                • Remastered with Tom Waits & Kathleen Brennan


                Track Listing:

                1. Misery Is the River of the World
                2. Everything Goes to Hell
                3. Coney Island Baby
                4. All the World Is Green
                5. God's Away on Business
                6. Another Man's Vine
                7. Knife Chase
                8. Lullaby
                9. Starving in the Belly of a Whale
                10. The Part You Throw Away
                11. Woe
                12. Calliope
                13. A Good Man Is Hard to Find