Stylus Gel Cleaner

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Vinyl Provisions: Stylus Gel Cleaner

Material: Polymer Gel

Size: 1.14" x .59"

Net Weight: 1 oz

Color: Black

Vinyl Provisions stylus cleaner is a specially formulated polymer gel that gently removes dirt and dust particles from a stylus tip when the stylus is lowered onto it.  Safe, nontoxic, and odorless. Considered a gentle alternative to liquid stylus cleaning methods.

For best results lowering your stylus into gel 2-4 times is recommended, let stylus rest on gel approximately 8 seconds each time.  The gel puck can be removed from container and washed and will remain tacky for years.

The gel puck is washable. Just remove gel puck from container and rinse with water.  Allow to dry thoroughly.



Hi-Fi equipment/components and records pictured in listing(s) not included.